Like most girls growing up, I could see the standards of beauty that was accepted and I wanted to have my hair relaxed.

At 13, I finally got my wish and I got straight and manageable hair…but at what cost?

I proceeded to relax my hair every few months until I reached 23. I did not have a lightbulb moment, my hairdresser at the time who had really cared for my hair, went back into nursing. I did not fancy going through the rigmarole of searching for another hairdresser that could care for my hair in the same way, so I decided to way my hair in extensions for a while.

5 years later, I was due to go on a night-out and my recent hairdresser let me down and I was not able to get my cornrow extensions done, so I decided to wear my hair out.

This was the best decision I have ever made, and from here I have not looked back.

I tried my hand at making my own products, I have had my hair chemically dyed, worn my hair in crochet locs and many many twist-outs.

Chemically dyed natural phase

Locs/Loc extensions

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