About the Artist

Chá Pelé is a London-born singer with heavy Caribbean influences.

Chá Pelé has been singing for over 6 years and is expanding on her songwriting, which she discovered a love for 2 years ago.

Her blended love of music has been influenced by old-school RnB, soul, and jazz; and her eclectic sound has been inspired by artists such as Mary J Blige; Pink; Billie Holiday; Alicia Keys, Usher.

With such a high spirit, Chá Pelé connects really well to funky house, dub, jungle, and UK garage sounds, which just adds to her ability to expand her vibe to a wide range of genres.

Chá Pelé feels that music has always been a part of her soul and uses melody as a way to evoke emotions and inspire people.

Through her music and her connection to spirituality, Chá Pelé has gone on an exploration through her afro natural hair journey, which includes afro centricity,  living on a plant-based lifestyle, yoga, and body kind fitness.

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